Sunshine, ocean air and loving care were included in the making of each Limited Edition 10 Minutes of Stress Relief Sandbox.

Learning to relax the mind, bringing the brain to rest, is one of the healthiest things we can do for our mind and body. As with any muscle, our control-center brain works best when it isn't overworked. Yet bringing the mind to rest can be a difficult if not insurmountable first step for many learning yoga, meditation and other relaxation techniques.


 Nearly everything we do requires left-brain processing. Even everyday activities, such as surfing the 'net or watching TV keep the left brain working. Which is fine except when we get stuck in a kind of left-brain rut, processing on overdrive, but not much computing left.

By simply doing things that use the right brain, you can trick your left brain into resting. Playing in the sand with toys is just such an activity to help balance those brain cells a little.

So let go for ten minutes as you comb sand, sift for seashells, look at your gemstone, roll your Zen ball between the palms of your hands. Play with silly toys. Breathe and relax.


From the divinity within me to the divinity within you, 


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