What people are saying about 10 Minutes of Stress Relief.

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My CD was a gift, and I had been so busy that I didn’t listen to it right away. Then one day, I was so stressed out that I was grinding my teeth and my whole body ached. I played the CD and could hardly believe it—by the time it was finished, all the tension was washed right out of me. I love it.

— Maria N.

It’s like doing a yoga class without the exercise—which is just what I needed.
— John B.

I cannot say enough about your wonderful CD, "10 Minutes of Stress Relief." As an Esthetician, I need to relax my Client during a facial treatment, therefore, I have them listen to the CD while the facial mask is drying. Many of them have purchased the CD for themselves to listen to at home.

After a hard day's work, I like to listen to the CD before going to bed. It relaxes me completely. It is like having a private Yoga Instructor with me at all times.
— Ann T.

I've given away seven of the ten CDs I bought. The way I use my CD is either when I'm having trouble falling asleep, or if I wake too early in the morning and can't go to sleep, but I don't want to get up yet. I put on my headphones and listen to tracks two and three, and it ALWAYS puts me back to sleep. So I just love it.
— Snow A.

The cover [of the CD] intrigued me to buy it and hopefully to find some release from my stressful life. It worked! Thanks for sharing.
— Leslie W.

I love playing my CD when I tan.
— Mike R.

Sometimes I just skip to the nature sounds and hit the repeat button – it’s calming and seems to help me focus when I’m doing paperwork.
— Sally G.

I had surgery scheduled, day surgery where you go in early and come home the same day. I was nervous and thought for sure the night before I’d be up and down all night, but then my neighbor gave me this CD. My husband and I slept through the night without getting up once. I'd recommend 10 Minutes of Stress Relief to anyone.
— Rose A.

It’s lovely. Very soothing and relaxing.
— Joe M.